Daniel Crane

"County Road 1" is out now!
It is available for digital download on iTunes and hard copies of all four of Daniel's albums can now be purchased by sending an email to store@danielcranemusic.com.

All songs were written by Daniel. Three of the songs ("Tailgate Town", "Let This Love In", and "Permanent Fix") he co-wrote with the talented Nashville native, Abigail Rose. You can check out her music at abigailrosemusic.com

Daniel co-produced the album in Nashville alongside the talented David Henry, who also played several instruments on the album, including the cello. David also did the mixing for the album.

The drummer for the album was Steve Bowman (Counting Crows). Steve is truly a great friend and so much fun to work with, not to mention his flawless, feel-good playing.

Award winning multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and fellow Mobile native, Will Kimbrough, came along for the ride, playing everything from electric and resonator guitars, to harmonica and ukulele. Will is almost as great a musician as he is person, as if that's possible. Check out Will's website at willkimbrough.com.

The album was mastered by DC's longtime friend Ray Norman at Dogwood Productions.


Check out the video of Daniel playing with  Jack Johnson in Atlanta.
Click here to watch

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